It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been a busy little cat last month, so it only makes sense why I’m not here as often as I’d like. Honestly I’m not much of a diary or blog person. There’s only so many things you can write about: at the computer, working on SL, yadda, yadda, yadda. I figured the first few half a dozen entries on the same boring subject was enough even for me.

Still as empty as this blog is, the blog was really intended for friends to share and there are a few things I’d like to keep separate. Mainly my SL life and my personal life. Not because I’m being hounded or stalked mind you. Not at all, it’s just that, I want a blog dedicated to my SL stuff to make updating things a lot easier. Plus LJ can be so slow at times.

So enter The Velvet Room. The Velvet Room is my latest SL blog from WordPress. Updates, whining and bitching about SL can be found there. Speaking of bitching, I’m way due for a post on that one.

SL Customer Service

Nothing irritates me than a customer to demand that I correct a mistake she obviously made. I had a customer several weeks ago who went complaining to me about a gown she didn’t get. She wanted to buy a black gown but got a white one instead. I was wondering what happened to that since the gown in question has been in the shelves for the past four months with no problems. I checked my vendors and sales records to find out said customer paid the white gown vendor, that’s why she got the white gown and not a black gown.

I explained this to her and told her politely since it’s a copy/no transfer item it is not subject to refunds or exchanges. In fact, the store signs regarding that policy was posted on the same wall as the gown she bought. Either she was color blind, illiterate or retarded.

She was retarded.

Said customer began to bitch and moan about her problem and then sent her posse (a grand total of two people) to harass me. They threatened that if I don’t refund or exchange her item they will tell all their friends to not buy from my shop. Boohoo. Like I need more retarded people who can’t spell in my store.

I’ve had a lot of claims before, double purchases, my JEVN vendor borked out, pieces that got screwed up, missing pieces and I’ve given my share of refunds, exchanges and replacements provided said claim was VALID.

Unfortunately hers was not. In the end I had to send a lengthy abuse report to Linden Lab about the harassment. With subsequent screen shots of the entire conversation, then muted and banned them from my store.

Molar Extraction

Been warned by my dentist since last year to have them removed so I had them scheduled to be removed last week. It was NOT a pleasant experience. And it was made even more unpleasant by the fact I can not eat anything solid. I had to subside to soups and congee for the next few days, and ice packs to my face, and fevers and mouth sores.

But it’s been a week, the stitches are gone and I can eat, semi-normally. Which is good since I’ll be celebrating my birthday next week and I want to be well enough to be able to eat.

I also have the two pieces of teeth that was extracted on my shelf at home as part of a souvenir. Maybe in the summer I’ll turn them into some kind of gruesome necklace.



I just bought a pet. She’s a mini Kangaroo Rat that I bought on sale from Bioresearch. She’s tiny and adorable and her name is Mimiru.

I bought her last Saturday and I’ve been meaning to get myself a pet since my mom died. I even have the shelf cleaned and put up some plastic matting on it but never got around to buying it until now. I initially wanted a Roborovski hamster but the mini Kangaroo rat won me over. Mostly due to the fact it does not stink or bite as often as hamsters do.

I initially called her Mini-Roo, short for Mini Kangaroo. Then it evolved to Miniroo, Mimi Roo and finally Mimiru.

I’ll eventually post some pics of Mimiru once I find my digital camera.


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