Good News to Big Boned Shoppers~!

Never in all my twenty six years did I ever consider myself slim, or svelte, or even petite. No, I can be described as either stout, big boned, and the most flattering would be curvy. The biggest advantage I have at stick people is that I’ve got hips and breasts that have never touched an A cup. Yes, I’m proud of my bazooms, thank you very much.

Now the biggest problem for any curvy girl living in this country is that looking and buying for clothes can be a challenging.

Challenging to downright impossible unless you’re the daughter of the Sultan of Brunei and can afford to shop in Marks and Spencer for all your size needs. You can’t find huge size brands at any store that doesn’t price them at 3k or higher, and if you did find something the pants length are too long and had to be altered, subjecting your expensive pants at the mercy of the seamstress who might just flush your 3k down the toilet.

The only seemingly alternative was to shop on those plus size stores/brands with horrendous fashion sense and designed for a body that resembles a whale than a human female, ugly and unflattering.

So I’ve done my fair share of shopping and I’ve found a neat store that’s very friendly to the more generous female form. Dorothy Perkins is a must place to shop for a good pair of jeans and glam rock shirts. I bought a pair of jeans and saw that they had sizes that are even too big for me! They come in three lengths: short, regular and long so I didn’t have to worry about alterations anymore. The jeans price range from 1K~2.5K Php which isn’t so bad considering the quality of the material involved.

Their glam rock shirts are also generously sized and are usually less than 1k. It’s also a good place for the ‘little people’ (child people/stick people) to go to since they also have a selection for the petite.

The downsize is it’s a UK store so there are some fashion styles that aren’t well…let’s just say there was this stoplight orange blouse with a black jumper style mini skirt that made me stare in horror, but over all, Dorothy Perkins is the place to go if you’re looking for bigger sizes without the necessarily matching price tag.

I just wished they sold more stuff that I’ve seen featured in their website. Well you can’t have everything. 😀


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