Money Issues

My PC died two weeks ago due to a fizzled out video card. It sent me into spasms of panic since I can not access my current employment (SL) and inquire about the update of the cheque I requested weeks ago, which turns out that my previous cheque that I requested to be terminated since I haven’t received it for more than a month was stolen, deposited and encashed in a Wachovia Bank somewhere not in the Philippines. (note: Wachovia Bank isn’t even a full bank here. It’s just a bloody office and probably a call center).

Bastard, once I find who you are I will find you and feed your corpse to Mimiru.

I found out when I convinced my dad to let me borrow his laptop and access my email, and lo and behold, the dilemma.

It doesn’t help that I had an upcoming event (which I did today) so I spent the week languishing and gritting my teeth knowing that I could not (a) work on new clothes (b) work on the event (c) handle the problem with my cheque.

But thankfully thanks to the Bear, I now have a new PC, brand spanking new but of course leaving me a good month’s wages less. ;_;

Which is bad considering that I’m saving up to help pay for the Estate tax on the properties left by my mother and then there’s that teensy weensy debt to pay for the six month stay in Singapore for my mom’s treatments.

Thing is..the debt can be paid gradually..years if we have to, the Estate tax is a little more urgent. Like this year, around May I think. :/

Gah. Money, many problems about it. More of it’s lack than it’s excess.

Anyway I’ll be pushing myself a little harder to help me through this year. Wish me luck~!


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