Mini Kangaroo Pet Pics

I have pets now, as you can tell from my previous posts. I’m delayed in proudly showing the pictures of my beloved tiny princesses. Not that it matters to all you intellectual snobs out there. Here’s a tip for the folks trolling for something “deep” and “metaphysical” in the blogosphere… Go. Kill. Yourself. Now. Seriously.

Now that I got that out of the way I will now proceed to gush and fawn over my pets like any self respecting cat lady would do. Only perhaps I’m not a cat lady and I got mini kangaroo rats instead of cats. Not that I have anything against cats, they’re wonderful creatures and I adore them, they’re just harder to smuggle into the building.

I should begin before I start rambling again…

I bought my first mini kangaroo rat around February this year. She’s a cute little thing, white with brown markings. She looked like those textbook pictures of mice in children’s books. Personality wise, she’s adventurous and smartest of the three little princesses. The only problem since she was petshop bought (on discount), I had doubts she was hand reared carefully. She was already three-four months old when I got her so she never really gotten used to being handled.

This is her peeking out of her first orange cage:

This is her peeking from under her “roo blankey”:

This was when she still had her Nadia box as a digging box:

Around May, I decided to give Mimiru some friends aka playmates. I bought two more mini kangroo rats from the same petshop, both were less than three months old and were so tiny they both could fit on the palm of my hand. One was an albino with light orange markings, the other was white with black markings. I figured since their markings were similar they were litter mates but then again I’m no animal expert so who knows. They were also inseparable in their cage in the petshop, which really tugged my heartstrings. I don’t want these two to be separated at all.

Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of the adorable munchkins when I bought them, mostly because I was watching Mimiru and the tiny roos as they both got used to each other’s presence. They are animals after all, and you know how territorial animals can get when they encounter other animals.

The white and orange roo is Suki while the white with black markings (or is that other way around?) is Yuki:

Of the two, Yuki is the tiniest and that makes her the runt of the three. But of the three she’s the most friendliest and is more or less used to being handled. Suki on the other hand is a snob. She won’t come near unless you have something to interest her: like food. She’s also the bossy type and the type to do everything first. Yuki follows whatever Suki does after and does it repeatedly. When Suki has done an accomplishment she doesn’t bother to repeat it. Unless she wants something.

All three roos:

The funniest thing is that Suki is the loner, while hyper Yuki continually pesters Mimiru when Suki doesn’t play. Yuki’s also the copycat. Whatever the two other roos do, she copies. Like when Mimiru decides to turn my hair into a digging spot (she just loves playing in my hair), Yuki joins while Suki busies herself with something else. Or when Suki decided to learn to use my legs as a bridge and climp up to my shoulder, Yuki wasn’t far behind.

I think Yuki tends to overcompensate considering she’s the tiniest. But she’s such a spunky, beautiful little girl that I love her so much~!

More pictures 😀

Mimiru and Yuki shredding the bamboo mat:

Mimiru with her sidepose:

Well that’s all for now. (^_^) Taking pictures of them was no joke. It’s hard to make them stand in one place. There are so many things I wished I could have taken a picture off. Like Mimiru when she was bored and on her belly, inching like a worm before running around. She did that once. So many missed photo ops… Well maybe next time I can get lucky. ❤


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