Old and New Posts, In Before the New Year

Wow, the new year is fast approaching and I’m three months behind posting. Besides the Glorietta blast, hostage taking at Manila Pen, nothing much in terms of interesting has happened.


I lied. A ton of stuff happened to me, but I’m too lazy to write anything. It’s not like a have a bunch of people who eagerly wait with bated breath what’s happening with my life, but I write it anyway…sort of like an online reminder that I do have a life outside work.

(1) Oct. 15, 2007 – My mom’s first death anniversary. We spent the morning visiting her grave as we talked about mom and made sure that the caretakers are making sure her gravesite is clean. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since Mom left us. Although the pain of losing her has lessened, I still miss her terribly. I love you, mom, where ever you are.

(2) November Something or Other – I don’t remember the exact dates but I’ve spent a lot of good dates with my boyfriend this month. Mostly because we don’t often go on exclusive dates with each other often. Our Saturdays are usually spent with lunch together, and playing table-top games with the Mafia people (aka our gaming group).

This month was also the month I got into WoW…aka World of Warcraft. Yes I’m back to MMO gaming, bitches, and playing the Horde Blood Elves.

(3) December Days Before Christmas – Baking Horror. Baking chocochip cookies and cinnamon shortbread cookies for gifts. (@_@) But the good things are the dates Jay and I’ve been too, and the buffet madness.. *sighs dreamily* Circles~! And the restaurant discoveries (Fish & Co.)

Side note: Go eat at Fish & Co. It’s a fish and chips type place so make sure to order the recommended stuff. And the calamari. My god, the calamari is heaven sent.

I also got my car. My very own car. 😀 I enrolled previously in A1 Driving school, and now I do practice driving on weekends and holidays. Awesome transportation for me~! Now I’m no longer Makati bound \(^o^)/

(4) December 25, 2007 – Merry Christmas! We attended the last Midnight Mass in Shangri La hotel (w/ free coffee and biscuits and cookies) and had the Noche Buena buffet.

That’s all for now, I’ll see if I can try to update again by the New Year. 🙂


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