February the Month of Expenses Part 1

February again and my birthday has just passed me by. I’ve just turned 27, a good number as any, last February 12 and decided to actually go shopping for myself with my beloved’s help.

My first purchase was practical enough. I was looking for a new pore minimizer. My previous pore minimizer did an average job and I was willing to invest on something good. So I dropped by Rustans to have a look-see and found Estèe Lauder. Now I wanted to try Clarins but their staff wasn’t exactly helpful. They were not rude, just passive and given my lack of knowledge in all things cosmetic (learned late in life) I went to the Estèe Lauder kiosk and was assisted by very helpful ladies who had no qualms actually putting stuff on my skin to let me see for myself the results, while explaining what it does, how to use it, when to use it.

Impressed at actually seeing visible results, I rang up Estèe Lauder’s Idealist which cost me around Php 2,000 (double Clarin’s price).

And while I was at the counter I noticed that they were also selling the introductory pack for Estèe Lauder’s Nutritious set. Curious I decided to give it a go. I was running out of my usual face toiletries and since I don’t invest on make-up anyway since I work at home, I decided to put my money on skin products instead.

The pack consists of a tiny travel size version of the cleanser, toner, moisturizer and a full size Vita-Mineral Essence (which I understood does is to prep the skin to better absorb the moisturizer and other creams). The entire kit cost me around Php 2,800.

When I rang up the purchase, they also gave me some make-up freebies and a cute make-up bag to go along with it. This would explain why my mother had a ton of tiny random Estèe Lauder stuff to bring with her in her travel kit.

Now I’ve been using it for a week and even my boyfriend could see the difference. Apparently I do have fine lines under my eyes *gasps of horror and a voice shrieking inside me in panic* have magically disappeared. Of course I had to see these ‘fine lines’ for myself and later that evening after washing, I did notice some fine lines. How I didn’t notice this before goes to show how I can be oblivious. Gah.

But over all, I’m pleased as a peach regarding their product. The fine lines have visibly reduced after more using and hopefully would go away. I’m most likely going to enroll on Rustans’ point card and will eventually visit Estèe Lauder’s kiosk again soon.

My second purchase I bought last Friday, was a new PSP Lite in lavender while my boyfriend was treating me out to gastronomical delights in Virramall/Shopesville (Le Ching I lurve you and damn you Virramall for taking away Maxims and replacing it with crap so horrible, I may never forgive you for it). I consider it my second baby (my first baby is my laptop), going out of my way to buy a nice lavender cloth to wipe it, and will look for some chic dangly charms on it next weekend.

EYO has fantastic services and affordable packages. We looked through the entire Greenhills district trying to get a good PSP package and nothing comes close. If you’re looking for a PSP this is the place to go.

In fact I’ll be visiting their store this weekend along with my visit to Shuji Kida Salon to book an appointment. My hair is a horrid, tangled mess. I look like a 90’s anime reject. I go to a parlor only once or twice a year for my rebond and I’d like to make sure it is worth the trip. I’ll probably cover what happens to that on my next beauty blog report.


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