February to March, the Month(s) of Expenses Part 2

For the sake of both vanity and sheer necessity, I’ve finally given in and took a visit to a dermatologist to address the following woes that’s been afflicting my skin for the past few years…

(1) Rashes or pimples that are prevalent in my upper arms. It makes wearing sleeveless difficult and embarrassing, and frankly acne, a lot of acne mind you, anywhere in the body can be a concern. I’ve had them as long as I can remember but I’ve been noting that the skin was getting inflamed and the pimples were frankly spreading as far as my elbow. This includes rashes that appeared on my feet that causes my skin to start peeling, some sort of skin asthma apparently. Both are genetic apparently and was told that no amount of alcohol or cleaning would have prevented it from happening. Treatment including medication are roughly around Php 4k.

(2) A mole on my right leg that has been growing. I’ve taken cared of two previous “moles” or some kind of cysts under the skin in 2005 back in Singapore. I would have taken this one out but it wasn’t that big back then. But I had been warned by my cosmetic surgeon there to have it taken out once it starts growing. Given my family history of cancer, and the fact that the last cyst samples were showing signs of things horrible for me in the future, it was better to be safe than sorry. Sure I’ll be getting a nasty scar but if torn between the choice of (a) having a permanent scar or (b) possibly developing skin cancer, I prefer to pick “a” thank you very much.

Thankfully, this kind of treatment isn’t very expensive. My medicard covered for the incision and histography of the sample. The rest I had to pay, roughly around Php 2k which included professional fees and anesthesia.

(3) Excessive sweaty underarms. God, help me. I sweat like a pig even under the aircon, and I got tired of buying pads to line the underarms of my tshirts, not to mention the smell. Jesus. No amount of showering and Rexona was going to help. So hello Botox.The first time I’ve heard of Botox was for excessive sweating, not for wrinkles and stuff like that. Honestly, a Botoxed face is scary. It looks so unnatural, like they just stepped out of a wax museum.

50 points (or injections) was done on each underarm, bringing it to total of 100 points. My dermatologist explained that this was a conservative number she has seen that works with most asian women. American doctors apparently use 100 points per underarm and given how much Botox costs, the less points used the better. It’s been two weeks and it’s been great so far.

Overall, the treatment roughly cost Php 25-27k. Ouch. I’m taking this off the profits of what was left of the money used to buy my car. The entire treatment was relatively painless as the dermatologist was very particular in the comfort of her own patients. The less pain the better. There’s also the peace of mind that since her clinic was inside the hospital, I was reassured that she was a real doctor and not some wannabe dermatologist with questionable backgrounds.

My trip to the dermatologist overall was a pleasant experience. Staff is courteous, the doctor was professional and she didn’t start selling me everything under the sun. She explained to me what I have, and the realities to expect regarding my treatment. She has the no non-sense attitude and frankness, that I like to hear from most doctors. She won’t waste my time with small talk or brag about the clients that visit her clinic. Instead she’ll tell me what’s wrong with my skin, tell me what are the options of treatment, how to take care of my skin and is very upfront of the costing.

If anybody is interested in visiting a real dermatologist at work, I’d suggest you visit her:

Elsie P. Floreza, MD, MSc
Makati Medical Center
Rm 362-A circular
Tel: 888-8999 loc. 7324
Tues-Fri,: 3:30pm – 6:00pm

Next time, I will be talking about my trip to find the best way to rebond my anime hair. Hopefully I’ll have pics uploaded. 😀


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