Late Meme & First Post

What’s surprising is that I did a similar meme in my personal blog last year. Which I guess this means I need to update 😀 But seriously, this is sort of a test post for my new blog as I plan to transfer all my posts from my previous Livejournal blog to here. I’ll probably post my fanfics here too since opening another personal website for one is far too troublesome.

The rules?
1- Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
2 – People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.
3 – At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4 – Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Yu-chan Fact 1: I do not enjoy the company of women very much. I tend to be selective of my female friends than I do with my male friends. There’s something about hanging about women that grates on my nerves. Women of today tend to be plastic, manipulative, backstabbing little insects. Absolutely lacking in grace, dignity and honesty. Men despite their sometimes more primitive behavior are more forthright and honest. I have no need to impress on the latest fashions and showbiz talk, they don’t care if the shirt I’ve been wearing was “totally last season.” I can be me without fear.

I can only be with women who are like minded and are down to earth.

Yu-chan Fact 2: I love writing fanfiction (under the alias Silver Countess). I am and always will be a AeriSeph fangirl at heart. Not as rabid as I used to be ten years ago, as I’ve mellowed out greatly. It’s also a known fact I haven’t finished my bloody AeriSeph fanfic. 😦

Yu-chan Fact 3: I’m a “Weeabo,” a degoratory term from 4chan that describes Japanophiles. I love a lot of things from Japan. Now if only the cost of living wasn’t so expensive and have more english speakers, I’d probably would have migrated there already. Additional sub fact is that even “Yuri” is my nickname. It was a nickname I earned in Highschool during the prime of my Weeabo days. Yuri means “lily” in Japanese, my favorite flower back then.

Yu-chan Fact 4: I collect Bento Boxes. I love to cook if only I had a better kitchen with handy Japanese/Thai ingredients available and people to cook for that isn’t my dad (who is critical with everything). J-list is my best friend in moments like these.

Yu-chan Fact 5: I love exploring and experimenting on places to eat and dine. I go on a couples double-date with my bestfriend (and his girlfriend) on occasion and we enjoy hanging out sampling the latest in restaurants, cafes, etc. Just last Saturday, we got to experienced going to Claw Daddy in Serendra’s High Street and at a chocolate place called “Xocolat”. We had the most sumptous seafood dishes and topped it off with Xocolat Chai (mint tea with chocolate).

Yu-chan Fact 6: I’m actually very shy. I’m an introvert, I have difficulty with mingling with other people who I’m not close to. This applies to even online communities where I shy away from events or gathering that requires more than 2-3 people (in SL’s case) and declining invitations from pick-up groups in WoW. It takes a lot to drag me to a party. It’s probably why I don’t host events myself as these tax me. Well technically the planning, doesn’’s the people that do tax me.

Yu-chan Fact 7: I have bizarre spending habits. Normally I’m a cheap-ass or err in the more practical side of shopping. I see no reason to purchase an entire island if I can make do with rented lot. But at the same time I wont hesitate to splurge on shoes and facial products.

Yu-chan Fact 8: I sympathize with animals more than people. I can watch a person get injured and feel less bad about it than seeing say, a limping cat. The sight alone is enough to break my heart and make me feel bad for the rest of the day out of guilt.

List of people to tag: Will update later since this is technically a test post 🙂


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