Two “B”s

The two “B”s that arrived yesterday.

The first “B” stood for books.

The second “B” stood for Bento Boxes.

Let’s first gush about the books…I was able to order at Noble Knights a couple of months back, two books to feed my (and my boyfriend’s)  gaming addiction. One was “Masters of War” Legend of the Five Rings Companion (I’m a big fan of the L5R’s rich setting) to add to my growing L5R collection. And the second was Changeling’s companion book: Rite of Spring, to add to my growing collection of Changeling books (I’m a big fan of the Fae, and no, I’m not talking about Tolkien’s prissy elves).

The books came just in time as we’ll be playing L5R in the next few weekends and the companion books are going to be helpful.

I’d give a review, but I’d rather not? So instead just wait for my beloved Pointyman2000 for his take on the books in his blog. He can give more insight on them than me.

~ ♥ ~

Second purchase were several bento boxes that had me “oohing” and “ahhing” when I visited J-list. Now I did try to order them before the Christmas season but for reasons unknown it…didn’t push through. 😦

But now using Paypal, I was able to successfully buy and continue my collection of kawaii bento boxes.

I was able to purchase several bentos, including the entire sakura in black mini bento boxes. And they weren’t kidding when they said “mini.” These things are teeny tiny! So tiny in fact that if my dietician ever saw them, she would force me to measure my eating portions using it.

It wasn’t so bad, at the very least  they were purty~! No regrets there!

One other bento I bought was the one in what looked to be in wood print with butterflies. Size wise it’s also tiny and it doesn’t come with an elastic or a pair of chopsticks. However it is very pretty and god knows I love butterflies.

The plus is that the above two bento boxes described are microwave safe. Just take off the lids though.

Third bento was what I call a “man’s bento.” It’s the bigger 2-tier bento with a weave (like a mat weave) design. It’s so beautiful and classy looking that it actually outshone my more girly sakura bento. Once J-list restocks, I might buy another one for myself, as this one is reserved for my beloved Pointyman.

The set comes with it’s own elastic and set of chopsticks so it’s a guaranteed good buy.

The last two red and plasticky bento boxes at the back were bought from Japanese Express when it was still open in Walter Mart. One of them, came with it’s own bag, elastic and chopsticks. The other one, I had to buy each part separately and since the store closed, never got the opportunity to complete the set.

I didn’t even get to buy my soy sauce fish bottles and mayo cups! 😦

Anyway now that I have my bento boxes ready, it’ll give me an excuse to try and experiment on cooking bento lunches~! Which is great since I bought a cookbook in Fully Booked last year called “Bento Boxes, Japanese Meals on the Go,” by Naomi Kijima.

Well eventually, I’ll be able to give it a try if ever I find any of the ingredients mentioned. 😛


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