Slayers Revolution!

When I first heard about “remake” of Slayers, I’ve had mixed feelings. For one I’m a huge, HUGE fan of Slayers, if there was a doctorate studies of Slayers, I would probably take it. I knew more about the Slayers history than I did actual history which is very sad.

Anyway when I heard about the news of new Slayers coming out, I was torn. For one, a new series made me all giggly and squealy on the other hand I dread that my most beloved series might get “butchered”. Sad to say, there’s not a lot of memorable anime right right now (as compared 10 years ago), half of which are either pretentious, emo, a ninja or trying to pass as “hentai light”. No.

So I “ignored” the news of a new Slayers anime, at least not until I could get more details.

Then Bear, a good friend of mine, showed me this link.

It was the manga of the first chapter of Slayers’ Revolution. It took me by surprise since it’s actually very good. The art was clean and the characters seemed to have matured over the years (sans Lina…). Much care has been kept it seems to keep that humor that made Slayers popular alive. I look forward to further scanlations (and the future of buying said translated manga).

Then just today, my Beloved sent me a youtube link to the Slayers TV intro and I felt all my worries and misgivings disappear and went on a nostalgia trip. According to some news blog  (or wherever, I’m too lazy to google it right now), they’re apparently keeping most of the original voice actors, in itself was fairly awesome and a good enough reason for me to get the whole series when it comes out.

Upon seeing the intro, I noted a few art changes. For one, the art style is cleaner, but otherwise kept truthful to the previous series. Slayers Revolution seems to pick up directly after from Slayers Try. As the focus for this series seems to involve the return of Gorun Nova (aka Sword of Light), previously wielded by Gourry Gabriev before it was surrendered to Sirius to return to it’s original world. What’s it doing back is a mystery that will be solved when Slayers Revolution begins~!


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