Not So Happy Shopping

I know I should have listened to a friend when she suggested I curb my penchant to buying stuff online, but course like any collector I chose to heed not said advise. (¬_¬)

Here is the picture of my last shopping spree. The ones I got from J-list is a traditional, medium sized, lacquered Jyubako (which had no plastic parts, or an elastic band to keep it together), bento sticks and soy sauce plastic bottles. The rest were bought locally thanks to kaoko (it was nice meeting you, I wish we had more time to chat), were the veggie cutters and clickity-clacks. 😀

There are pitfalls in buying stuff online, most of which is that you can’t really be sure that what your buying will be as good as the photo, and half the times it’s not. (¬.¬) You take those risks since, lets face it…one of the major reasons why people shop online is that these things aren’t available locally.

Unfortunately, mine was that my particular Jyubako had a lot of smears. Like this one on it’s side. There’s one on top of the lid itself but the picture came out too blurry for me to post.

It’s not too much of a disappointment but I wish it could have been better.

Over all I wouldn’t call it a “great shopping experience,” I’ll probably peg it as moderately successful. If I could, I would have bought the Retro Trading Mark 2 Tier Bento instead.

Unfortunately due to prices going up, this would be the last time I’ll ever be able to shop online for a long while, and perhaps that would be the best 😦 My wallet needs a break anyway and there are other things I need to prioritize before I spend again for my collection. But for now, I’ll just have to mark stuff off J-list into my wish list, and pray that I could afford to shop again.


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