And More Shopping

Wow it’s been a year since I last blogged, and I feel a tad bad being negelectful of not blogging in a long time. Who am I kidding? Of course I don’t feel bad! It’s not like I have hordes of readers waiting to read the latest tidbits about my life!

Well anyway, rant aside I was able to procure some interesting and what I’d call lucky finds. My roo princesses, are all bigger now and in need of space. Unfortunately finding big enough cages for them and a pen is hard to find in this part of the third world.

So I consider it much luck when I found all I need in Tiendesitas, a place I’ve scoured more times than my allergies would have appreciated when I found this.

It’s a three story hamster cage that I knew my princesses would enjoy, along with a multi-colored pen in which they can run around in when they aren’t inside the cage. Both items, I found out were the last in their stock.

I’m very happy to actually get my hands on them. Ever since they were banned from my bedroom due to my asthma (that came back, dammit!) they didn’t have other oppurtunities to go out, except for times I let them run around the shower stall.  So everyday, they now enjoy a bit of running space.

My second shopping oppurtunity came in the form of a surprise from my beloved Pointyman2000 when he brought me to Robinsons Galleria to visit Saizen, a distributor of Daiso. All items were priced around Php 85 which is both a good and bad thing as even a bento strap could cost that much when I know it can be bought for less.

Here are some of the stuff I was able to get from Saizen: Vegetable cutters, two (2) cat shaped chopstick rests, a felt pencil bag, underarm sweat pads (squee! no more using pantyliners to line the underarms of my shirts!), and two (2) sets of silicon bento cups and a bento strap.

The eight (8) items cost me a total of Php680 bucks. Yikes! So best be careful, considering there was so much I want to get there! Like the Hime (princess) cake forks, baking utensils, garlic peelers, etc. My only disappointment is the lacking of kitchen supplies and bento and bento accessories. I was hoping to find a better omelette pan here but apparently wasn’t going to be the case.

I just wish they would open a bigger branch closer to Makati instead. As much as I like Japan Home, all the stores sell the same thing with very little variety. You visit one, you’ve visited all and still not enough bento and bento accessories. Food seperators, food cups, onigiri makers, nada! It’s fairly disappointing. I’m still at a loss on where to find them without going through J-list.

Well here’s to hoping to better Japan living stores in the future.


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