I did it! After god knows how long I’ve had these bento items in my cabinet and a few weeks of practice, I finally did it. 😀 I made a bento that actually looks like a bento. I’m not exactly what you’d call a prolific cook–given someone else does do the cooking here (which I seldom butt in because conflict usually arises)–and my initial attempts at bento making always ending up looking boring.

But not this time! For the first time I was able to make something that actually looked good enough for me.

I’m actually putting my bento collection to use, the manly bento (the big rectangular one) belongs to my boyfriend, my sakura one (the roundish one) is mine, and the third one in the red plastic bento is for our friend (who we sort of consider our little brother).

As you can tell I got a little too fond with red. The upper bento has some tofu wrapped in bacon, Japanese rolled egg (tamagoyaki), stir fried mixed vegetables. The lower tier has the  tomato pesto.

I know it’s a little red themed and I realized that far too late. I should have probably gone for the basil pesto for the pasta instead, but still there were no regrets! The tomato pesto was delish~!

All ingredients I got from Landmark Supermarket in Makati–you can get bottles of ready to serve pasta sauces in one of the specialty food aisles there. The grocery is undergoing some renovation so there has been a lot of rearranging of the stalls and can get a little confusing. If you have the time I suggest buying the stuff during lunch or in the early mornings (the grocery opens at 8:30am) to avoid the crowds.

That’s it for now. Next time (hopefully) I can post more bento adventures in the future.


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