Pick Me Ups

It was the day after and my beloved Pointyman invited me out to SM Megamall to take my mind off things. I was initially hesitant because beloved’s got a cold he was recovering from and I didn’t want to aggravate it further. In fact we’ve already canceled two days worth of dates because of that damnable cold.

However he insisted and so there we were, enjoying the morning due to it being a holiday so there wasn’t a lot of traffic, giving us enough time to actually get a cozy breakfast at Cafe Breton by the Podium, before walking back to SM Megamall.

During the walk did I suddenly notice something…something so delightfully pink and white. In front of us stood the pinkest store called “Etude House”. The inner girly-girl in me couldn’t resist and dragged my suddenly hesitant beau into it.

It…it was very pink, and girly. The store itself was like a cross between a sweet-loli with shoujo anime. As my beloved has put it, “I could feel my masculinity being drained away.” Which I do not blame him. It’s so pink and glittery for a moment you think it was a Barbie Make-Up store. I was still convinced that it was marketed for the tweens to teens, it didn’t help that it seemed to be currently populated by pink school uniformed girls. Ugh.

I looked around, ignoring them as I focused on the cosmetics when I realized that perhaps I was a bit too hasty in my assumption. Looking at the product descriptions, I noted the presence of Korean writing and realized that it was probably a cosmetic and facial boutique quite similar to Faceshop, carrying price tags no one without a job can afford unless your family is very rich and their parents allowed their children to dress up like tramps. What am I saying, I just described half the parents of this generation. Heheheh.

I figured I’d get myself something, just to see if their product was any good. I looked around for a sales clerk and as I was approached, I realized to my horror that the the pink uniformed “students” were the actual staff!

I blinked several times. Okay, that was disturbing. I thought I needed another lasik treatment when I realized that she was indeed part of the staff and began to ramble off the typical cosmetic spiel they were probably made to memorize while I figured how creepy that they were dressing their staff to look like highschool students.

Weirdness aside, I figured I’d give their stuff a chance. Now I totally ignored the make-up, mostly because the demographic those were made for are like ten years younger than me. I’m too old to be wearing those outrageous shades and glitter at may age is only acceptable if it’s Halloween.

The ones I’ve picked up was the “Pore Diet Essence” which is basically a pore minimizer costing around  Php 578.  I tried it out when I got home, and felt a tingling sensation on my skin after application, and after an hour I did notice that some of the lines under my eyes seemed to have lessened which is a marked improvement over the stuff I got from Faceshop.

Another find I bought is the Oblique Brush for Eye line at Php 148. I will say this: GET THIS BRUSH. Why? Because I’ve been looking for an oblique brush for ages and this one had brush hair that feels soft and not *too* stiff like the stuff I get off Landmark. Less incidents of stabbing myself in the eye with the brush hairs.

The last one I bought is the Super Aqua Sun Guard at Php 298. It’s basically sunblock, plain ol’ ordinary sunblock. The other options had water proof for sports, waterproof and whitening (like I needed that! I love my mocha skin~!), and the last one that gave that glowy look, a.k.a. glitter face ala Edward Cullen–with my age and complexion? No way! For one, glittery lotion of that kind is for kids with really fair skin. I’m twenty-eight and morena, that’s like “trying-hard” right there. For my skin, a nice lotion bronzer would be more appropriate and only during summer at the beach somewhere.

In total I got like Php 1k worth of items (including the V.A.T.) and they gave me a free eye-lash curler for every 1k purchased in their store. I’ve asked about their store and found out that they’ve been open for roughly about a week or so and that they plan to open a branch in Alabang, no news about a Makati branch though.

Walking a bit further in the upper floors, past Meylin Noodle House was this tiny little kiosk called “Scent for Senses”.  Now you see, I’ve been meaning to make my own eco-friendly soaps and fabric softeners and the like, and part of the ingredients included certain essential oils that you can’t get for cheap unless you know a supplier and buying in bulk. I just need what? 15-20ml! Not liters of the stuff!

Anyway, I asked if they had any essential oils and the lady points me to their display cabinet that is filled upon rows upon rows of tiny bottles. When I asked how much the 20ml bottle was worth, to my shock I was told that it costs a mere Php 100, that’s LESS than a Starbucks grande drink!

I didn’t believe it at first. No way, that it could be *that* cheap! I’ve looked around stores and the cheapest I’ve seen was in Kultura (a Filipiniana store by SM) selling them at Php 600, and the most expensive at BodyShop for Php 900 bucks.

Still dubious I ask for a clarification, and ask why it’s so cheap. She tells me is because that’s all that they make, and that these were designed to be used in mixing with soaps and the like–which is exactly what I needed.

Kinda makes sense considering the shop sells 100ml to liters of the stuff. Funny side note I noticed they were also selling Frankincense and Myrrh, along with the usual incense sticks and various aromatherapy pots.

I decided to give it a try and bought three vials: Lemon, Citronella and Baby Powder (my bad I should have bought the Sage). Except for the Lemon, the store unfortunately does not sell any of the essential oils that I needed: like chamomile, tea tree, clove, and eucalyptus.  I was stupid enough to say no to getting a fourth bottle, because if I did that, I apparently get one more *FREE*.

*Smacks self in forehead* Stupid! Stupid! I should have bought the Sage when I had a chance! Well I don’t feel *that* bad since I can always get back and get it for like a Php 100 bucks right?

Whew! Okay it’s almost 2am, I must go sleep now but before I go I’ll have to greet my non-existent loverly readers a Happy New Year~!

See you in 2010! ♥


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