Late Reaction

I suppose I should have posted this photos earlier but things got busy (or maybe ‘lazy’ would be the most apt term) after the holidays and I didn’t get the time to make the next post as I should have.

Anyway last January 3, 2010 was our family reunion. Now normally I’ve never been a big fan of family reunions. They were always so noisy, in an out of the way place, and surrounded by people I’m not all that close to (and sometimes get annoyed with).  This is especially true with my cousins. I blame this to location and age-gap. We live a little out of the ways with everyone else and being an only-child growing up I was used to being on my lonesome (I was also fairly uppity).

But now, that all my cousins are older, I can get along with them better. It used to be so hard. Imagine being 18 and your cousin is like 14. Now most of us are adults, and out of school and we more or less have a lot of things in common. I still have my younger cousins still but at least I’m more secure on where I stand in the scheme of things.

In other words: I had an absolute fun time at the reunion, than I would normally not expect.

The reunion was held at my aunt’s house in Paranaque. Her family had bought the adjacent lot and expanded their home at least enough to fit five families or so. And naturally that meant a lot of food had to be set out.

It was enough to make dieters cry. Thankfully I was still recovering from the New Year’s asthma attack to be all that hungry. I mostly had the Pancit Malabon, some pork barbecue and some of that baked chicken (the first dish to quickly disappear).

If, I was any more of a photo whore, one would notice that a majority of the family members are female. Which is true. There were ten (10) men out of (18) women present in the reunion. None of my cousins carry the last name sadly, except for me and one other (who was in Bicol at that time), and we’re both girls. Once we marry it’s adios to the family name.

Unless of course my dad marries his girlfriend and gets her preggers (which is unlikely given both their ages), but chances are it’ll be a girl. It’s almost guaranteed.

Speaking of my dad, he brought along his Magic Sing, a karaoke device, and set it up in my aunt’s entertainment room. It was cute watching him (but not hearing him) sing and serenade his girlfriend.

Overall it was a fun evening. We ended a bit late (dad’s fault), but it was fun. My cousins are a darling to talk to, particularly my artistic cousin. It shocked me since I really did expect her to be a doctor like her mom but now she’s more artsy than I’ll ever be. 😀 I’m so proud of her…

This is us in this picture. I’m the ugly fat duckling to the left as compared to my other two cute cousins. And yes I know, I need to lose weight! I’ve already begun my diet and exercise routine (one of my New Year’s Resolutions). Hopefully my medication to regulate my hormones will help, but I do worry about my steroids (for my asthma). Bloating is no fun.

And that’s it. I’m actually looking forward to future family gatherings if that’s any surprise (as long as they don’t hit on my special days :P).


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