Of Diets, Cats & Weddings

It’s been a while and an absolute frack ton of things had happened. If anything I had completely forgotten this not-so-private journal of mine, my tiny little shout box in the vast ‘net where I can type down my frustrations, my triumphs, and whatever shiny thing that has caught my attention.

Since my last (and rather depressing post) I’ve had a cat, a Ragdoll cat to be precise. She was born May 1, 2010 and is about to turn two this year. Her name is Eclair and she is the sweetest and also spoiled little princess this side of Makati. I will hopefully posts pics eventually. But don’t hold your breath.

I’ve also moved out of my dad’s place, a relief really. I was hesitant at first. He was getting on his age and it worried me a little about leaving him alone. But he’s got a girlfriend and they’ve got “plans” and I figured my dad would appreciate a bit of space from me. Odd thing about it is that our relationship’s gotten a lot closer since I moved out in my opinion. Living together, he and I tended to be at odds though we’ve mellowed out in the years..but we’re both mulish folks and it can be trying living with each other. But the distance strangely has made me more affectionate and I look forward to our Father-Daughter dates where we’d talk about everything (a rarity when we live together..if anything days can pass without us not really speaking to each other).

Also living alone is fun. I’ve indulged on my dream to design my own place and learned to pick up after myself.

I’ll be frank.

I was raised from an upper-middle class family, and here in the Philippines that meant we can afford maids and drivers. I’ve never done anything on my own in my entire life. I knew how to clean and cook–the basics of stuff–but we always had maids that did everything. I was also driven back and forth as well, since my mom–when she was still alive–was super paranoid about me driving or even commuting, that I never had the chance to drive on my own until I was in my mid 20’s. So living on my own had been an adventure, one that I enjoyed.

I also suspect that I’m slightly Obsessive-Compulsive. I had a preference how things should be done, and when–one of the arguments my dad and I used to have.

There’s something to be said about doing things on my own. I take pride in knowing that I can live without a maid and driver, that I don’t have to be dependent on either once I got married.

Speaking of getting married…yeah, Pointyman2000 and I are tying the knot! Finally! We’ve been together for 9 years, I know that for some people that’s ridiculously long, but we promised ourselves we’d do the necessary preparations in our lives before we started a family. We’re pegging the date around September, preparations are underway one of which was having the need to lose weight.

Other than for ridiculously obvious reasons just why a bride-to-be wants to lose weight, I was also driven by the fact that my health is turning into a foul turn. The past few years I’ve seen my medications go up, complications arise and the warnings that I may not be able to conceive without suffering some health issue or another if I didn’t lose the weight stat. This was coupled with the fact that I have hypothyroidism (complication caused by gamma knife surgery done on some really tiny brain tumors) that made losing weight an absolute nightmare of frustration, tears and thrown objects.

So here I am having plunked down some significant amount of cash to get enrolled in the Cohen life style program that’s tailored to a healthy weight loss and today is my First Day.

My meals are painstakingly weighted down to a gram. I’m banned from everything that’s made to make food delicious and worth living. My meals are measured in hours between including my snacks, and I’m required to sleep at a certain hour. And so far my body’s reaction to the whole sudden shift of delicious and often unhealthy food to something resembling confusion and disappointment with relief.

Also quite a few trips to the bathroom. Whew. I think this is where the “relieved” feeling comes in.


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