Running on Empty & Why Online Raging is a Waste of Time

I had an internet argument last night.

The details of my argument with the guy/girl can be summed up like this: girl commentator makes a statement that she supports gay marriage but believes they shouldn’t adopt children / raise children due to being..well gay.

"What I wanted to reply to that."

You’d think that hanging around the internet since the late 90’s would have given me the immunity to ignore such troll-ish comments. But there will always be something that will always get my goat one way or another and break my long standing silence of not engaging in useless word wars with someone who uses the internet’s Anonymity as an excuse to be a royal douche bag.

Whatever my argument was with this person, whether or not it was justifiable I go all Christian Bale psycho on them, the point is these kind of online arguments is an example of futility and utter time waste.

When this happened, it was around 5:00pm and was supposed to cook my medicated diet dinner, before hurrying off to Cyma and meet up with my fiance and the man who we wanted to ask to be our godfather (or ninong) for our wedding at 7:00pm. The argument was so engrossing that I have lost track of time as I typed and re-typed my arguments, that when Pointyman2000 called it was already 6:40pm, giving me around 20 minutes to do EVERYTHING (I even had to skip updating the blog!)

I think after nearly burning myself, tripping over to feed the cat and basically acting like a monkey trying to do twenty things at once while trying to scarf down my meal did I told myself, NEVER AGAIN will I ever engage in long debates with online douche bags. And if I must, a single post that says everything will suffice after which the post that has inspired me to make a stern comment would be forgotten and wiped from memory.

Seriously. Being angry by nature isn’t really good. And being angry at someone who is beyond my reach of harm, rehabilitation or even just talking about our differences face-to-face is stupid and useless.

At the end of the day, getting angry at some random stranger who you’ll never see ever again is a waste of energy.

Now moving on.

It’s the Fourth Day of the diet, and I feel like I’m nearly running on empty.

I woke up foggy brained and it takes longer than usual to get started. It’s kinda funny that when I started the diet I’ve suddenly been sleeping badly. Though thankfully I woke up much better now than I did in the past two days.

Doing chores is becoming a challenge, though compared to yesterday I’m doing better today. It was harder to write as well. Usually I’d tap out a blog on the early morning with coffee but I spent the better part of yesterday morning staring at my monitor like a zombie, as I wondered where all my ideas for writing went.

But thankfully, the fact that being alive and simply living each day gives me experiences and ideas to write about. I actually have a few more ideas actually but I’ll save them for another post.


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