Rage Diet: Surviving the 1st Week

Obligatory warning: Whining Up Ahead. Read at your own risk.

The first week hit me a little hard. I was tired, cranky, and the feeling of hunger ever present. The weekend particularly Saturday had been the worst. I was tired from the grocery shopping and the constant cleaning, chopping, weighing of vegetables and protein for my diet. The spartan meals left me cranky and down right irritable. I snarked at nearly everyone, the butcher, the cashier, the fiance, I don’t know who else. And I suppose it didn’t help that four major groceries in my area suddenly ran out of all the brands of diet crackers I am allowed to eat and are supposed to eat in the first 10 days of the Cohen diet. I was stressed to high heck while feeling like I’m constantly running on low in that entire weekend. I suppose it didn’t help that I vomited my dinner last Saturday. I have a mild OCD, and I absolutely detest handling something..slimy or fishy. Needless to say I spent the evening hurking over the porcelain god after my seafood meal.

It was decidedly an unpleasant evening. It didn’t help that the next day, Sunday the fiance and I had a luncheon with some friends to meet the priest that presided on their wedding, just to see if we’d get along. As much as I wanted to say ‘no thanks I feel like the shit and I am positively cranky about not getting crackers’ we still had to go.

Thankfully the lunch went well, though I forgot to bring my own lunch so I had to make do with what was available. Makes me wish I brought my own weighing scale but that’s a bit too hard core for me.

By Monday I was sort of feeling better, especially when I found some crispbreads/crackers that was Cohen approved. I swiped three boxes of the stuff. I know I should have swiped all of them just to spare myself the pain but I thought 3 boxes was enough. I might buy later if I can just in-case.

I feel a bit more energetic now. I’m not sure if it’s my body’s at that stage where it’s ready to start burning the reservoir fuel in my body or the coffee. Either way, it’s a welcome break from last week’s experience and I can perform my chores without wanting to sleep in the middle of it. I’m hoping this keeps up, and eventually I can slowly opt not to take the fruit and crackers allowance (it becomes optional after the ten day period).

I can also concentrate better, so now I’m re-learning Blender again. All in all, I’m glad my body’s learning to stabilize. I *still* want to eat out of course. I’m a gourmand and I looooveee food! I still go doe eyed every time we walk past my favorite restaurants or reminisce about the food I miss (ugh, I am positively craving Kagura’s Okonomiyaki and Sango burger at Little Tokyo and Mile Long Arcade). I wish my body could lose the weight faster so I can resume eating my favorite things (in moderation of course).


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