Birthdays and Leaky Valentines

I just celebrated my 31st birthday last Sunday. It wasn’t a big affair. It was just me, the fiance and his sister and her boyfriend. It wasn’t intentional. We just hanged out at my place, had a good lunch (well good for them, while I dined miserably on my Cohen approved meals, oh woe is me~~~~) and just shared and talked.

The only thing I wish was that I could be a better host. I would have loved to cook for them, but My motto on getting rid of temptation was to usually give in, so keeping “not allowed” foods at my fridge is just an invitation to more weight gain.

Despite my food being “medicine” as the Cohen tagline is, my food is usually very bland and too little. And as my previous posts had shown, often made me cranky or tiny bit depressed. Also all the chopping and weighing is still annoying a hell to do. It’s tedious to do for one and takes me an entire day to shop, clean the vegetables, chop, segregate and start weighing and labeling. Some of which I had to do on my birthday. Seriously, I need to find a better way to do this.

Other than that it was a peaceful, pleasant birthday. I even got gifts! My dad sent me a blue tooth headset. My fiance’s sister bought me a Spanish lace fan which I loved! She got it from the Legaspi Sunday Market, when she and her boyfriend went to grab lunch. I told her how my favorite Spanish lace fan was stolen from me and how it upset me since I loved it. Now I have a new one and it’s very pretty!

I told the fiance to save his gift when I’m done with Cohen. He’s usual treat was to take me out to eat in very nice places. Also I made him promise me a proper birthday cake, even a late one. If there’s one thing I love about birthdays is the cake. I can’t think of birthdays without it! It’s like trying to imagine Christmas without a Christmas tree or Santa or a Nativity scene. It’s a must.

My Valentine’s was sadly less pleasant. I awoke one cherry morning to find out the ceiling in my kitchen is leaking..specifically the area where the bulb was. It was going on for some while that half my kitchen mat was drenched, and my counter was wet with smelly water. Seeing the light flicker and spark, I madly smacked the switch off. I then immediately contacted the building maintenance and admin to report the problem. This was at 7am.

They suspected that my neighbor’s unit upstairs is flooded due to a faulty plumbing, but sadly it was unoccupied since it had no tenant and the only thing they could do was shut off the water to the unit. I was indignant. It’s common sense to shut off electricity and water if there’s no one living in your unit for longer than three days. And it’s not like it’s hard to get them back up either, some people are just lazy and stupid. And I’m paying for that stupidity.

Admin had promised to try to contact the unit owner or coordinate with unit owner’s architect. I’ve called the Admin several times in the day…around 9am, around lunch…2pm…all of them told me they can’t get a hold of the unit owner or the architect, and to wait for their call (which they never do by the way).

I. Was. Pissed.

I stormed downstairs to their office and let them have it (without the swearing). My unit had been newly renovated and I paid a very pretty penny to get my apartment the way it looks right now and I won’t have them ruin it or more importantly, destroy the electrical which could lead to a fire.

So I got there, pissed like the devil and complained what the fuck was going on. I never yell, but I knew to convey a great deal of emotion even when I sound calm. It also helped I spoke straight American English. I think that’s when everyone knew that I wasn’t joking around anymore not when I told them that they and the unit owner were going to shoulder whatever damage that occurs, emphasizing that my unit wasn’t a year old in it’s renovation.

This was at 4:15 pm.

By 4:20pm, Admin finally got the unit owner’s send us their unit key as soon as they can. Maintenance along with the building Engineer were upstairs in my unit already disassembling the socket and taping the wires (which they should have done in the first place rather than stare at my ceiling and make comments).

Twenty minutes later, we got word that the key to the unit upstairs arrived and they need to check upstairs. By 5pm, I was told that the unit above me was as they suspected flooded and they’re now mopping the worst of the water away and the leak in my ceiling would stop soon. They also informed me the unit upstairs would send a plumber the next day to address the issue.

I’ve calmed down somewhat, and I was pretty okay with them doing the rest of the repairs to my ceiling the next day. By the time dinner rolled around, the leaking all but stopped.

I don’t know why I need to to start threatening people to get people to act. They don’t have any sense of urgency at all. I fairly live in upscale condominium in the heart of Makati. You’d think that these people would have better service given how much we had to pay for in terms of Association dues.

And let’s not even talk about my neighbors. (>_<) When I asked admin about their rules regarding units that flood, I was told that they were once allowed to “break in” into the unit to stop it. A lot of unit owners threw a hissy fit. Then when Admin tried to impose a rule on requiring unit owners to shut off their unit’s electricity and water if they were going to leave it unoccupied for long periods of time, they threw an even bigger hissy fit, claiming that they were paying for electricity and water to begin with and they didn’t have right to turn off anything.

I have no words.

Irregardless, I had to cancel a lot of stuff that I needed to do that Valentine’s day. It wasn’t exactly how I thought I’d be spending the day of hearts, hating my neighbor (and partially at the building Admin) with all my being. I have turned for that day this tiny ball of stress and hate that couldn’t find peace until they did something.

Here’s to hoping that next year’s Valentine’s day wouldn’t be as hateful.


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