Article Reaction: I Hate Filipino Culture

This post is a reaction to this article written in 2007 by Jaywalker: I Hate Filipino Culture. Clink the link to read the full article.

I found out about this when a friend shared it on Facebook today.


I find it sad that the author was spot on, on how the “Masa Culture” is a culture that is so prevalent to a great majority of Filipinos. Can we really deny it isn’t our culture anymore when it’s so prevalent, and long lasting to a majority of our population?

I mean lets be honest here, the “youngest” masa culture example in the article has been around since the 80’s…and that means that cultural value–if that was person–is old enough enough to vote, drive and probably have a two year old running around, or several.

Culture is shaped by society, so it changes..for good or for ill. I think this is where I sort-of disagree with the author. The “Masa Culture” is already in our “Filipino Culture” as surely as the “Bayanihan” and our vaunted hospitality is.

The thing is no one likes to admit that, in fact we’ll do our best to make it sound that it isn’t. Of course our culture isn’t all *that* bad, we do have good cultural values and practices. I believe that, my parents taught me those self-same values of respect, family and God, but just because those “good culture” exists doesn’t mean we can ignore the bad ones or pretend they don’t exist or worse claim it’s some kind of aberration prevalent *only* to a certain sector in society. I find that quite laughable, I’ve already met and worked with people who own their own cars and have college degrees and admit they’ll vote Edward Cullen or Justin Beiber if he ever runs for office (after he gets his Filipino citizenship of course!)

Or as one acquaintance added, after admonishing the Edward and Beiber choices, that we stick to true Filipinos and gave his opinion that we would vote Manny Pacquio!

The whole point–for me at least–as a reader, is that article is a challenge to us Filipinos. To man up and *accept* that this part of who we are. Not just the good things, but also the bad things too. Because when you start accepting that we have as a culture is *bad* is when we we can start doing something about it.

The acceptance that we–that means all of us and not just some sector of our society–Filipinos have a problem is when we can start actively doing something to address it.

Remember that rule we get from rehab? The whole, You have to Accept You have a problem first, before we can address the Problem works fairly well here.

This is not an impossible ideal. You have to remember that historically, Slavery was an acceptable culture for many countries in the past, that included much of the West. And yet, where is that now? They as country, they as a society was able to address that flaw in their culture and take steps to change it. Because you know, Slavery is a bad bad thing apparently.

And if they can do it, why can’t we?


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