Baking Exercise: Lemon Curd & Scones

I am a big fan of scones with lemon curd. I’ve discovered this love for such a simple tea snack fairly recently. A visit to the Tea Lounge at the Fort has cemented my love for it (their food and teas are delish).

Unfortunately my wallet disagrees. For a simple dessert, the cost of eating just *one* scone with lemon curd and clotted cream is at a whopping Php 185 last I ate there. That cost for me, doesn’t justify the dessert. For one thing, scones are fairly easy to make. In fact it’s so easy, a beginner at baking can do this in an hour. The ingredients also, are not expensive and can be bought at your local grocery.

Neither are the Lemon Curd and the Clotted Cream are expensive nor very hard to make either.

So as much as I enjoy’s Scones, I can’t go there often. Not with all the expenses that piled up the past year. But I’m not the type to starve myself of a treat as simple as this and I do enjoy baking and cooking to some extent. So why not try to make this dessert myself, right?

And that’s what I did.

I started with the Lemon Curd. It wasn’t hard, I found one at allrecipes. Actually I found two types: one you can do over the stove, and the other on the microwave (talk about lazy cooking).

I decided to be industrious and do the Lemon Curd recipe that uses over the stove.

Cook’s note: The recipe requires the use of a double boiler, but really…you don’t need this. You can substitute using a sauce pan, and a metal or glass mixing bowl that can fit over it. Just make sure–and this is very very important–that the simmering water does NOT touch the bottom of the bowl. Also using this technique, you can melt butter and chocolate. 🙂

This is important, since double boilers are a little bit expensive for something that does only one thing. That and I live in a studio unit condominium, so it’s without saying that my kitchen is tighter than a virgin in a convent. It doesn’t leave room for a lot of space, and it can get really hot especially when an oven is involved.

In before 4 hours of refrigeration
In before 4 hours of refrigeration

The result after 4 hours in the fridge (as per instructions) this is what came out. It was sweeter than what I’m used to, but not bad for a first time. In the future, it might be best to not use overripe lemons (as the lemons have been sitting in my fridge for two weeks).

You will come out with a lot of lemon curd though, even with the recipe. It’s great to use if you have biscuits or plan to make tartlets or sweet turnovers/empandas instead of savory. You can even use them on cake, as evidenced to this lovely recipe of a Lemon Layer Cake from Yummy.

And if you’re the type to enjoy sharing your gift of love from the kitchen, all you need to get are those tiny jam jars and give them away as presents. Heaven knows, I’ve tried looking for ready-to-eat lemon curd from every other deli and imported section in a grocer for the past few months only to always come out empty handed (and irritable when the veritable staff looks at me like I’m talking about something alien sounding–looking at you Santis).

My scones look flat…and biscuit-looking…

But having lemon curds alone is fairly lonely, and figured I might as well pair it with some Scones, also pilfered from the allrecipes website (this place is really useful. I think I got my previous cinnamon and butter cookies from this website a few years ago and it was very well received).

The scones came out…well a bit more flat than I would remember it. Scones tended to be crumbly, and I fear it’s because I used too much of the milk and egg mixture. You only need the dough moist and not a lot of kneading. Other than that, the recipe is fairly straight-forward and simple.

The Scones aren’t too sweet by itself, just sweet enough that paired with the lemon curd doesn’t make your teeth twinge at the sweetness. I actually liked it and the husband, seem to approve of it as well.

Practice a few more times and I’ll probably nail it. Hopefully.

Stuff I need to learn next is how well and how long do they keep. As there are only my husband and I at home, there was a lot of left overs. According to some recipes, the lemon curd can keep for a week in the fridge. For the scones, I will freeze both baked and unbaked versions, and see which is the better option.

This little experiment made me realize that I do miss baking. It’s been quite a long time since I last baked (due to a never replaced oven, at least until I moved out and bought a tiny convection oven) and I’ll admit part of procrastinating was the mountain of dish washing that had to be done after particularly when baking is involved. If it weren’t for the husband’s voluntary duties of dish washing, I highly doubt I’d be this eager to experiment in the kitchen (it’s bad enough that it’s small, cramped and uncomfortably hot to cook in it, so the additional chore isn’t exactly encouraging).

This won’t be the end of my future kitchen experiments, I think. I look forward to a lot of experimenting and learning, and I hope to be able to chronicle my journey here. Hey, it’s a good enough excuse to blog. 🙂


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