Whee! Look what my Husband Got Me!

Last week, my husband surprised me by buying me 3DS XL. I’ve been meaning to buy a 3DS XL when it was first announced. I like the 3DS and the DS series, they have a lot of nice games for retired hard core gamers like me who find more enjoyment playing with Facebook games compared to most console games nowadays.

So, if you’re wondering why my posts don’t seem to be making sense chronologically you know this is to blame. 🙂

Unfortunately, it took me this long to get one due to a lot of financial restraints over the past year…the wedding, the honey moon, medical expenses, insurance, taxes, the goddamn car repairs which was *last month* that almost made me cry—I’ve been meaning to save up for a Galaxy S4 or a Samsung 8.0 tablet but those plans got flushed away with the sudden deluge of bills.

Then last week happened. We dropped by the local gaming shop, Data Blitz (the only videogame shop that I know of that sells original games) and I spied a 3DS XL, in pink and white. I stared at it for a good few minutes wondering if I was seeing things. It has come to a point that I’ve given up seeing a 3DS XL that wasn’t red or blue, and I told myself I would only get one should a color alternative like a tasteful pink or lavender or baby blue came out.

Good bye Farmville!
Good bye Farmville!

It was just there. Looking oh so pretty. The husband noticed me sighing at it–as I usually end up doing every time I visit Data Blitz and see a 3DS XL–and asked the sale’s clerk if there was a pink and white unit was still in stock, and they have. I will admit to squeeing like a little girl and showering him with kisses when I found out that he was going to buy it for me along side two games for the 3DS to get me started (part of what encouraged the husband is that we can pay over the unit and games for six months spread out if our bill ends up at Php 10k)

I’m a very big Harvest Moon and Atlus fan, so I got Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Cities and Soul Hackers. I’ll admit, it’s because of Harvest Moon that I got hooked to farming games on Facebook. Though I’ve not played Farmville I used to be a heavy Gourmet Ranch player which is another farming game only prettier.

Harvest Moon will satiate my need for farming games from now on, and my friends list will never have to deal with countless farm requests (you guys are still going to get my Hidden Agenda ones though, at least it won’t be as many as before).

Look how well it fits on my hand!
Look how well it fits on my hand!

Once I had the 3DS XL in my hands, I note how comfortable it is compared to the standard sized DS. The screen is larger too, which is good as a major complaint in my old PSP lite is that the screen felt teeny. Just staring into it gave me a headache. Since this one is bigger, it is expected that it will be heavier, but that’s just fine. The heft is actually comforting, like I’m actually holding a portable gaming device suited to an adult rather than a 10 yr old’s.

I’ve been tinkering around with it, and I do find it amusing it’s got a built in pedometer when you put it on Sleep Mode, which encourages you to walk about with your DS. This is smart for a gaming console to try and reward you with some form of physical exercise as I do earn play coins, 1 play coin for every 100 steps I make.

This is good since I walk to the hospital every day to see my dad for his radiation treatment at Makati Medical Center. It also gives me something to do while I wait (and not think about all the sick people around me….) In any case, if anyone would like to be friends in 3DS/Mii, send me an email, leave a comment or something. We can trade Friend Codes. 🙂

The 3DS XL does have a few cons though, one of which is that the unit uses 110 volts as compared to the local 220 volts. You will need to buy an AC regulator (which if you owned an XBox 360 or a desk top PC, you probably have one of these lying around). The second one, is that it is heavy (almost as heavy as the Samsung 8.0 if I recall) I will have to reconsider the things I put in my bag to take the load off. I’ve got a nasty habit of weighing my bag down with unnecessary stuff and it’s not uncommon that I’d get a sore shoulder. Thankfully it’s not a too big an issue for me, since I can opt to leave behind my book…

Maybe I can just get rid of the plethora of make-up and empty my coin purse instead. (^^);;

I love my books and my games, they get higher priority all the time. I’m more apt to get a new bag to make lugging my stuff about easier. Over all, I am very happy with my husband’s gift. The 3DS XL is a great buy, and Data Blitz is offering quite a reasonable deal. I am looking forward to a lot of gaming time with it. ♥


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