A Housewife’s Vanity: Part 1

When I was single and working, owning make-up was natural. My mother encouraged it, a woman known for her style and classic make-up. I would remember when I was little, I would be always admiring my mother’s vanity which was chock full of bottles of perfume, and case upon case of face powder and eye shadow and kits of mascara and eye liners. Never a weekend passed when my mother and I would visit Rustans Makati (and other various make-up/toiletries stores like Watson) on Saturdays and look over the plethora displays of perfume and make-up.

That said, owning and using make-up was something no one questioned when I was a single office lady. That was…until I got married and become a housewife. Now people assume that once you got your man, wearing a make-up was no longer as necessary as before you were single and trying to make the perfect smoky eyes to compliment the ‘come hither look.’ And when I became a housewife, the idea I would even be wearing make-up at all was suddenly illogical.

Just because you’re married or your work place is the same place you can run around in your PJs all day without anyone caring, is not a reason to abandon your make-up kit only to be unearthed on special occasions. There is nothing wrong in wanting to feel a little prettier. Absolutely none.

Being a housewife though only means (at least to me) a downgrade of how much in terms of cosmetics to own. Other than my stylistic choices, a lot of what I own is based on my usual day-to-day activities, or what my usual schedule in a week looks like.

vanity stuff 01

My stylistic choices in terms of make-up tends to be at best: Natural for those casual days and Classic on my dressier days. This isn’t everything  I have at my vanity at the moment, but this is the bulk of what I had and what I often use. The one to take note of is that I don’t have eye shadow….yet. I still need to get but a new one as my old eye shadows have crackled.

    1. Is your standard lotion placed on a dispenser. There’s nothing really out of the ordinary about this lotion. I just have very dry skin and the need to lotion my hands and feet is fairly essential. This is the reason why this is often on my top dresser. Always within reach.
    2. L’Occitane’s Miel & Citron (Honey & Lemon) – I’ve bought quite a lot of perfumes in my life but this is so far my favorite. Now the general rule of perfume is less is more…and when. I usually apply my perfume a conservative spritz or two behind the ears in the morning when I start the day and in evening after a good shower. It’s unfortunate that this is no longer being sold by L’Occitane, and finding a similar replacement has been very difficult.
    3. Creamsilk Instant Frizz Control Leave-on – I was born with frizzy hair and I will admit this product really does help control the frizz in my hair and the price tag makes it very affordable compared to other products. I’d heartily recommend this any one.
    4. Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On – Having oily skin is a drag, and doubly so when you wear Mascara. Raccoon eyes were the norm until I discovered this product. It’s also gives quite a lot of volume for your eye lashes, that my make-up artist for my wedding agreed that getting me fake eye lashes was no longer necessary.
    5.  Anna Sui Foundation Primer – I usually wear this for every day use to replace Philosophy’s The Present (difficult to find here). It’s not necessarily a foundation, but it’s good for smoothing out fine lines and minimize pores, giving you that smooth look without the unnecessary cake. It’s also liquid and easy to apply and smells lovely.
    6. Majolica Majorca Popping Shower Powder – This powder creates a very subtle sheen on the skin which looks flattering on my morena skin tone. I usually shy away from sparkle powder since it always made me look like I was dipped in glitter (or trying hard to be young), but the one from Majolica is really subtle and smells nice. This makes a lovely accent to when you don your summer fashions or to parties.
    7. Anna Sui Loose Powder – This is my face and body powder. This came with a rather attractive powder box with a lavender pouf. The texture left on my face is silky and light. A few hours in humidity didn’t make my face all cakey. I even bought a smaller powder case so I can bring some with me where ever I go.
    8. Anna Sui Liquid Foundation – This bottle was actually a freebie I got when I bought the Foundation primer and Loose Powder. As a foundation, it’s light, silky and pleasant smelling and does very decent coverage. I do try to make my make-up as natural as possible, so I try not to pour on the foundation on my face like it’s going out of style to get that flawless porcelain doll look. The look is positively creepy and only logical if you plan to be in front of a HD camera for hours on end.
    9. Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek – This is my blush powder. I chose the more orange color to match my skin tone. It’s admittedly one of the better blush powders I’ve had. It’s also cute and compact.
    10. Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner – This is one of my favorite eye liners. It’s a liquid eyeliner that is such a breeze to apply. It’s also water proof so less chances of getting Raccoon eyes as well, and less need for touch ups.
    11. Majolica Majorca Majex – This is my go-to lip balm. It’s got a refreshing menthol sensation, perfect for chapped and cracked lips (which happens often enough to me). Sadly though, I do not recommend using this at the same time with lipstick. It will easily wash your lipstick off.
    12. Ilog Maria Propolis Ointment – This tiny jar is my go-to for small insect bites, mild rashes, fungal stuff and the like. If you live in the tropics where mosquitos are a reality, this is a necessary thing to have on your dresser (and your purse).
    13. Vicks Inhaler – I’m prone to having stuffy nose (thanks to dust and dander and general pollution), so this has become a staple on my dresser, in every purse I own, car, work desk…you name it, I probably have a stick there.
    14. VMV Hyperallergenics ‘Spitfire‘ – Every lady needs a red lipstick, and this is mine. I love red lipstick. I don’t understand why people seem to shy away at the shade. It’s just a matter of getting the right shade of red for you, and you suddenly have something that will convert your look from casual to dressy with just an application.
    15. Revlon Color Stay Ultimate Suede – This has to be one of Revlon’s better stay-on lipsticks they’ve had. These are my casual day lipsticks and I bought two shades to play around in. Not too expensive, and fun to use. Won’t easily smudge off too (unless you’re eating something oily) so there’s less need of touch ups.
    16. Caladryl Lotion – Heat rashes are my bane, along side dealing with welts from skin allergies. This helps relieve the itchiness. Never leaves my table vanity. Ever.

~ ♥ ~

Whew! That’s a lot. Didn’t think my post would get this long and it’s only the first part. Looking forward to writing part 2 but that won’t happen until maybe next week or so. It’s going to be a busy week ahead. 🙂

~ ♥ ~

Majolica Majorca is available in SM and Watsons
Revlon can be bought in Landmark & Beauty Plus Greenbelt (and possibly in other major department stores)
Anna Sui products mentioned were bought in Hong Kong, last year 2012


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