Eclair Sees the Vet

Last week I noticed a few scabby wounds on my beautiful cat, Eclair. I had thought suspected that this was caused by rambunctious play with Mochi, a very active Oriental tabby. Eclair being a Ragdoll breed tend to be more passive, less active and are very docile. It’s those traits that many breeders encourage keeping their Ragdoll a purely indoor cat, as their genetic predisposition of being the doormat of the cat world makes them vulnerable against people and other cats.

I was worried about the rivalry between Mochi and Eclair as the two never got along, but I noticed after feeling under her fur that she had the same similar scabby wounds. Now I’m no stranger to seeing injuries on animals, so I was pretty sure these weren’t consistent to animal bites at all. I did suspect it was either some kind of skin infection or a fungal infection, the possibility of it bothered me since there’s a chance Mochi could also get infected with it.

This brought bringing both cats to the vet, might as well as the two were also overdue for their shots (I would have brought them sooner but I got sick the past few weeks to take them).

A cleaned fungal site

Mochi was declared okay, but poor Eclair was diagnosed with a fungal infection. She was given some medicated shampoo and we were told to give her a bath once a week and spray her with some medication spray. Upon going home, we realized how that is an impossible mission. Eclair despite her docile temperament would not hesitate to show her displeasure of not just being bathed but also picking at the scabs we were supposed to clean. I have enough scars mind you so we decided to return in the week and sent my husband to take her to the vet’s groomers to do the job (I would start crying if I saw them clean up the scabby wounds, there were so many!)

She was bathed but poor Eclair looked so matty and unhappy. Unfortunately for her, her troubles are only starting.

The vet had requested we quarantine her, or at the very least make sure our hands are clean when we handle Mochi and make sure the two do not share bedding. For once, I’m grateful of Eclair’s standoffish behavior. She and Mochi never really along so it was highly unlikely they’d be sharing the same space or even cuddle.

Her Shower Bedroom
Her Shower Bedroom

None the less better safe than sorry, so I had to make sure the bathroom was dry, clean and set up Eclair’s space for the night (and hours where I can’t be around to supervise the two). Now Eclair is a people cat. She loves to be with company, so any sort of quarantine distresses the poor dear. She refused to eat when I or my husband are not present. She was suddenly more needy.

I took the time to play with her, and gave her a little bit more TLC. Which unfortunately angers Mochi, who is by far the most jealous cat I’ve met.

The times when Eclair would be out of the bathroom, Mochi would hiss at her angrily. She was needier too, more than her usual and would in frustration attack my hair and back. To say I’m a bit overwhelmed with these two at the moment and I have to be vigilant for their care can be a wee bit stressful.

A happier Eclair getting attention.
A happier Eclair getting attention.

It’s hard to be a pet parent sometimes, but I’d never give away my darlings for anything. Eclair and Mochi will always be our little pet babies!


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