Quickie Post

Just wanted to share this youtube video, which I unearthed while randomly finding interesting things. This is a video of a male figure skater from Japan named Takahashi Daisuke, and I will admit his SP here is nothing short of gorgeous. He’s chosen music piece is from Swan Lake (HipHop Version, anyone who knows where this music is from please tell me). Awesome music…


Late Meme & First Post

What’s surprising is that I did a similar meme in my personal blog last year. Which I guess this means I need to update 😀 But seriously, this is sort of a test post for my new blog as I plan to transfer all my posts from my previous Livejournal blog to here. I’ll probably post my fanfics here too since opening another personal website for one is far too troublesome.

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Old and New Posts, In Before the New Year

Wow, the new year is fast approaching and I’m three months behind posting. Besides the Glorietta blast, hostage taking at Manila Pen, nothing much in terms of interesting has happened.


I lied. A ton of stuff happened to me, but I’m too lazy to write anything. It’s not like a have a bunch of people who eagerly wait with bated breath what’s happening with my life, but I write it anyway…sort of like an online reminder that I do have a life outside work.

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Mini Kangaroo Pet Pics

I have pets now, as you can tell from my previous posts. I’m delayed in proudly showing the pictures of my beloved tiny princesses. Not that it matters to all you intellectual snobs out there. Here’s a tip for the folks trolling for something “deep” and “metaphysical” in the blogosphere… Go. Kill. Yourself. Now. Seriously.

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Money Issues

My PC died two weeks ago due to a fizzled out video card. It sent me into spasms of panic since I can not access my current employment (SL) and inquire about the update of the cheque I requested weeks ago, which turns out that my previous cheque that I requested to be terminated since I haven’t received it for more than a month was stolen, deposited and encashed in a Wachovia Bank somewhere not in the Philippines. (note: Wachovia Bank isn’t even a full bank here. It’s just a bloody office and probably a call center).

Bastard, once I find who you are I will find you and feed your corpse to Mimiru.

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It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been a busy little cat last month, so it only makes sense why I’m not here as often as I’d like. Honestly I’m not much of a diary or blog person. There’s only so many things you can write about: at the computer, working on SL, yadda, yadda, yadda. I figured the first few half a dozen entries on the same boring subject was enough even for me.

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