Cohen Recipe: Roast Chicken

I’ve been doing Cohen for a while, and I’ve picked up a few cooking recipes to make this diet tolerable. One of them is this dish that was adapted from a recipe I previously picked off a cooking magazine somewhere.  The fun part is that all ingredients used in the original recipe are all allowed within the Cohen diet, it’s merely a matter of portions as the original recipe calls for a lot of chili powder for that kick–it’s also why I omitted the “spicy” from the recipe name.

Roast Chicken


  • Skinless chicken breast fillet (protein allowance)
  • salt and pepper (spice allowance)
  • chili powder (spice allowance)
  • 1 tsp low fat mayonnaise



  1. Pre-heat your oven or air-fryer (I used a Philips Air Fryer and had mine pre-heated at 180º C for 5 min)
  2. Butterfly the chicken breast, this is useful to ensure even cooking
  3. Season the chicken breast with salt, pepper and chili powder on both sides
  4. Coat the chicken breast with mayonnaise (1 tsp is enough to coat both sides)
  5. Put into oven or Air-fryer and cook for 5 mins per side. Make sure you don’t over cook the chicken or it will come out very dry!
  6. Serve with a salad made out of your vegetable allowance on the side. I prefer mine with plain cucumbers or garlic cauliflower rice.

I hope this helps in making your Cohen diet tolerable. Happy Cohen Dieting~!

~ ♥ ~

I’ll be following this up with my second part otaku post. Just couldn’t write anything last week due to another bad bout of the sniffles. 


Cohen Recipe: Chicken Lettuce Cups

I may have mentioned it before that I had been on the Cohen diet prior to my wedding. Well I sort-of had to go back to it. Last long weekend-vacation has left me with some undesirable weight gain (I can’t help it! My in-laws are fantastic cooks! And we have Chinese duck liver sausage! Do you have any idea how deliciously unhealthy it is? Well it is!)

The origin of this dish is Chinese, and I often seen it served at home or in a restaurant as an appetizer. The original recipe uses hoisin, a sweet tasting sauce, some vinegar and water chestnuts. Unfortunately, Cohen has not approved the use of Water Chestnuts and hoisin in our diet. Actually Cohen restricts a lot of things so most of our food ends up tasting bland or down right horrid.

Cohen Chicken Lettuce Cups


  • 1 tablespoon Balsamic Vinegar
  • 1 packet Splenda
  • garlic (vegetable allowance)
  • tomato (vegetable allowance)
  • onion (vegetable allowance)
  • bell pepper (vegetable allowance)
  • zucchini (vegetable allowance)
  • lettuce (vegetable allowance)
  • salt and pepper (spice allowance)
  • ground chicken breast (protein allowance)


  1. Season the ground chicken with salt and pepper.
  2. Chop all the vegetables finely, set aside.
  3. Prepare a skillet, heat it to medium. Once hot enough spray it with olive oil.
  4. Saute the seasoned ground chicken until no longer pink, add the vegetables and saute until caramelized.
  5. Add one tablespoon of balsamic vinegar, continue sauteing. Wait for the strong vinegary smell to burn off. Season with salt and pepper.
  6. At the last stage of sauteing, sprinkle the Splenda. Saute for 30 sec. before turning off the heat.
  7. Spoon some of the chicken mixture into waiting lettuce cups. Serve with a grilled tomato or fresh. Either way it’s still good.
  8. Enjoy~!

You can opt to add another pack of Splenda if you want it sweeter really as long you are within your Splenda allowance, and there’s no harm in mixing sugar with balsamic vinegar before you pour it into the pan (although I’ve not tried it so I’m not sure if it’ll taste any different). If you don’t have zucchini, you can try to substitute with cucumber (or add cucumber) but for that you’ll want to add it a little later once you’ve turned off the heat. The refreshing crispiness of the cucumber will add texture to your ground chicken.

Diet Milestones

It’s been a month and I just had my first weigh in from Cohen. It was a trying month admittedly, looking back at all my posts. But it’s been good. I lost 15.8lbs in my first month. That’s two cats of Eclair’s size. I lost that. In a month.

*would put up the success baby photo if I wasn’t so lazy*

It was more than just weight, I could tell I lost inches as well. Clothes that I bought two years ago I can wear now, and are even loose. People who have last seen me last 2010 are surprised to see that I look smaller.

Still I’m far and away from my target weight, but I am confident that I can make it. I’ve gotten the hang of prepping my meals. Right now I just clean my vegetables and sort them out in big bags. I don’t prep them by meal anymore as I found it easier to weight them before cooking. Except for the meat and chicken and other proteins, for that I really have to weight and put in separate containers for each meal since those things are frozen for the rest of the week.

I’ve even begun slowly easing myself back into yoga. I bought this yoga DVD a year and a half ago and now I try as a I can to do 1 hr a day. I used the beginners program, and it feels good to finally start getting that bit of exercise. Eventually I want to go back to swimming. I used to be a big swimmer in my day and I missed the sport a lot.

I just have some issues swimming in my building, my neighbors are certified douche bags–once I stepped on an inch long broken glass on the pool steps when I went swimming as early as 6am, on the day after it was previously cleaned the night before. Of course I complained but there was little that could be done. You see, there are balconies directly above the pool. So any douche bag can just chuck their trash over their balconies and into the pool below.

But I digress, it’s good to be able to become active again. My weight problems have become an issue. I’ve developed knee pain a month before I started Cohen, a first for me. I’ve also noted that I couldn’t walk as fast anymore, I tired easily. Emotionally I felt like a wreck, realizing my clothes don’t fit, that I can only buy at the “fatty” section in malls, where the clothes made for big people look really horrid. It didn’t help that alternated with eating like a bird before stress or depression would make me order some atrocious fast food to drown my sorrows in.

I was taking several medications for my hormones and cholesterol (which I think may have contributed to my mood swings), expensive stuff. And my blood sugar was borderline high. I was really scared. Cancer runs in the family, my mother had recently passed away with cancer and I just recovered from my own illness a decade back regarding a previous brain tumor.

Health wise, vanity wise I’ve got a lot of reasons to keep on going. But I’ll admit it’s been a challenge lately as we’ve gotten into the wedding preparation stage of choosing a reception–which we agreed it to be a restaurant. So I can’t taste the food <insert whimpering>, instead I’m relying on my fiance and his sister to do the tasting for me. I’m glad they’re just as picky of foods as I am so I’m rest assured they would know what to look out for.

Anyway, wish me luck and hoping to lose more weight on my second month!

Rage Diet: Surviving the 1st Week

Obligatory warning: Whining Up Ahead. Read at your own risk.

The first week hit me a little hard. I was tired, cranky, and the feeling of hunger ever present. The weekend particularly Saturday had been the worst. I was tired from the grocery shopping and the constant cleaning, chopping, weighing of vegetables and protein for my diet. The spartan meals left me cranky and down right irritable. I snarked at nearly everyone, the butcher, the cashier, the fiance, I don’t know who else. And I suppose it didn’t help that four major groceries in my area suddenly ran out of all the brands of diet crackers I am allowed to eat and are supposed to eat in the first 10 days of the Cohen diet. I was stressed to high heck while feeling like I’m constantly running on low in that entire weekend. I suppose it didn’t help that I vomited my dinner last Saturday. I have a mild OCD, and I absolutely detest handling something..slimy or fishy. Needless to say I spent the evening hurking over the porcelain god after my seafood meal.

It was decidedly an unpleasant evening. It didn’t help that the next day, Sunday the fiance and I had a luncheon with some friends to meet the priest that presided on their wedding, just to see if we’d get along. As much as I wanted to say ‘no thanks I feel like the shit and I am positively cranky about not getting crackers’ we still had to go.

Thankfully the lunch went well, though I forgot to bring my own lunch so I had to make do with what was available. Makes me wish I brought my own weighing scale but that’s a bit too hard core for me.

By Monday I was sort of feeling better, especially when I found some crispbreads/crackers that was Cohen approved. I swiped three boxes of the stuff. I know I should have swiped all of them just to spare myself the pain but I thought 3 boxes was enough. I might buy later if I can just in-case.

I feel a bit more energetic now. I’m not sure if it’s my body’s at that stage where it’s ready to start burning the reservoir fuel in my body or the coffee. Either way, it’s a welcome break from last week’s experience and I can perform my chores without wanting to sleep in the middle of it. I’m hoping this keeps up, and eventually I can slowly opt not to take the fruit and crackers allowance (it becomes optional after the ten day period).

I can also concentrate better, so now I’m re-learning Blender again. All in all, I’m glad my body’s learning to stabilize. I *still* want to eat out of course. I’m a gourmand and I looooveee food! I still go doe eyed every time we walk past my favorite restaurants or reminisce about the food I miss (ugh, I am positively craving Kagura’s Okonomiyaki and Sango burger at Little Tokyo and Mile Long Arcade). I wish my body could lose the weight faster so I can resume eating my favorite things (in moderation of course).

Running on Empty & Why Online Raging is a Waste of Time

I had an internet argument last night.

The details of my argument with the guy/girl can be summed up like this: girl commentator makes a statement that she supports gay marriage but believes they shouldn’t adopt children / raise children due to being..well gay.

"What I wanted to reply to that."

You’d think that hanging around the internet since the late 90’s would have given me the immunity to ignore such troll-ish comments. But there will always be something that will always get my goat one way or another and break my long standing silence of not engaging in useless word wars with someone who uses the internet’s Anonymity as an excuse to be a royal douche bag.

Whatever my argument was with this person, whether or not it was justifiable I go all Christian Bale psycho on them, the point is these kind of online arguments is an example of futility and utter time waste.

When this happened, it was around 5:00pm and was supposed to cook my medicated diet dinner, before hurrying off to Cyma and meet up with my fiance and the man who we wanted to ask to be our godfather (or ninong) for our wedding at 7:00pm. The argument was so engrossing that I have lost track of time as I typed and re-typed my arguments, that when Pointyman2000 called it was already 6:40pm, giving me around 20 minutes to do EVERYTHING (I even had to skip updating the blog!)

I think after nearly burning myself, tripping over to feed the cat and basically acting like a monkey trying to do twenty things at once while trying to scarf down my meal did I told myself, NEVER AGAIN will I ever engage in long debates with online douche bags. And if I must, a single post that says everything will suffice after which the post that has inspired me to make a stern comment would be forgotten and wiped from memory.

Seriously. Being angry by nature isn’t really good. And being angry at someone who is beyond my reach of harm, rehabilitation or even just talking about our differences face-to-face is stupid and useless.

At the end of the day, getting angry at some random stranger who you’ll never see ever again is a waste of energy.

Now moving on.

It’s the Fourth Day of the diet, and I feel like I’m nearly running on empty.

I woke up foggy brained and it takes longer than usual to get started. It’s kinda funny that when I started the diet I’ve suddenly been sleeping badly. Though thankfully I woke up much better now than I did in the past two days.

Doing chores is becoming a challenge, though compared to yesterday I’m doing better today. It was harder to write as well. Usually I’d tap out a blog on the early morning with coffee but I spent the better part of yesterday morning staring at my monitor like a zombie, as I wondered where all my ideas for writing went.

But thankfully, the fact that being alive and simply living each day gives me experiences and ideas to write about. I actually have a few more ideas actually but I’ll save them for another post.

Of Diets, Cats & Weddings

It’s been a while and an absolute frack ton of things had happened. If anything I had completely forgotten this not-so-private journal of mine, my tiny little shout box in the vast ‘net where I can type down my frustrations, my triumphs, and whatever shiny thing that has caught my attention.

Since my last (and rather depressing post) I’ve had a cat, a Ragdoll cat to be precise. She was born May 1, 2010 and is about to turn two this year. Her name is Eclair and she is the sweetest and also spoiled little princess this side of Makati. I will hopefully posts pics eventually. But don’t hold your breath.

I’ve also moved out of my dad’s place, a relief really. I was hesitant at first. He was getting on his age and it worried me a little about leaving him alone. But he’s got a girlfriend and they’ve got “plans” and I figured my dad would appreciate a bit of space from me. Odd thing about it is that our relationship’s gotten a lot closer since I moved out in my opinion. Living together, he and I tended to be at odds though we’ve mellowed out in the years..but we’re both mulish folks and it can be trying living with each other. But the distance strangely has made me more affectionate and I look forward to our Father-Daughter dates where we’d talk about everything (a rarity when we live together..if anything days can pass without us not really speaking to each other).

Also living alone is fun. I’ve indulged on my dream to design my own place and learned to pick up after myself.

I’ll be frank.

I was raised from an upper-middle class family, and here in the Philippines that meant we can afford maids and drivers. I’ve never done anything on my own in my entire life. I knew how to clean and cook–the basics of stuff–but we always had maids that did everything. I was also driven back and forth as well, since my mom–when she was still alive–was super paranoid about me driving or even commuting, that I never had the chance to drive on my own until I was in my mid 20’s. So living on my own had been an adventure, one that I enjoyed.

I also suspect that I’m slightly Obsessive-Compulsive. I had a preference how things should be done, and when–one of the arguments my dad and I used to have.

There’s something to be said about doing things on my own. I take pride in knowing that I can live without a maid and driver, that I don’t have to be dependent on either once I got married.

Speaking of getting married…yeah, Pointyman2000 and I are tying the knot! Finally! We’ve been together for 9 years, I know that for some people that’s ridiculously long, but we promised ourselves we’d do the necessary preparations in our lives before we started a family. We’re pegging the date around September, preparations are underway one of which was having the need to lose weight.

Other than for ridiculously obvious reasons just why a bride-to-be wants to lose weight, I was also driven by the fact that my health is turning into a foul turn. The past few years I’ve seen my medications go up, complications arise and the warnings that I may not be able to conceive without suffering some health issue or another if I didn’t lose the weight stat. This was coupled with the fact that I have hypothyroidism (complication caused by gamma knife surgery done on some really tiny brain tumors) that made losing weight an absolute nightmare of frustration, tears and thrown objects.

So here I am having plunked down some significant amount of cash to get enrolled in the Cohen life style program that’s tailored to a healthy weight loss and today is my First Day.

My meals are painstakingly weighted down to a gram. I’m banned from everything that’s made to make food delicious and worth living. My meals are measured in hours between including my snacks, and I’m required to sleep at a certain hour. And so far my body’s reaction to the whole sudden shift of delicious and often unhealthy food to something resembling confusion and disappointment with relief.

Also quite a few trips to the bathroom. Whew. I think this is where the “relieved” feeling comes in.