A Housewife’s Vanity: Part 1

When I was single and working, owning make-up was natural. My mother encouraged it, a woman known for her style and classic make-up. I would remember when I was little, I would be always admiring my mother’s vanity which was chock full of bottles of perfume, and case upon case of face powder and eye shadow and kits of mascara and eye liners. Never a weekend passed when my mother and I would visit Rustans Makati (and other various make-up/toiletries stores like Watson) on Saturdays and look over the plethora displays of perfume and make-up.

That said, owning and using make-up was something no one questioned when I was a single office lady. That was…until I got married and become a housewife. Now people assume that once you got your man, wearing a make-up was no longer as necessary as before you were single and trying to make the perfect smoky eyes to compliment the ‘come hither look.’ And when I became a housewife, the idea I would even be wearing make-up at all was suddenly illogical.

Just because you’re married or your work place is the same place you can run around in your PJs all day without anyone caring, is not a reason to abandon your make-up kit only to be unearthed on special occasions. There is nothing wrong in wanting to feel a little prettier. Absolutely none.Read More »


Pick Me Ups

It was the day after and my beloved Pointyman invited me out to SM Megamall to take my mind off things. I was initially hesitant because beloved’s got a cold he was recovering from and I didn’t want to aggravate it further. In fact we’ve already canceled two days worth of dates because of that damnable cold.

However he insisted and so there we were, enjoying the morning due to it being a holiday so there wasn’t a lot of traffic, giving us enough time to actually get a cozy breakfast at Cafe Breton by the Podium, before walking back to SM Megamall.

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