Oh. My. Gawd. What just happened?

Time certainly flies! I’ve been recently remiss, and I blame it from the revolving door of colds and flu, along side asthma and allergy (mild to bad stomach upsets) attacks the past few months.  It’s been largely one misadventure of stubbornness, much cajoling, annoyed and frustrated doctors, medication, more medication and acquiring two air purifiers. Needless to say it was not the most pleasant of months.

Now that I’m finally feeling better and determined to get better due to a trip to HK already paid for and slated for September 23-26 of this month! That said, I was pretty bummed out instead of being excited, mostly since because I got sick, the doctors told me to drop my diet (Cohen is no joke when it comes to dieting) and eat, the more nutrients are in my body the faster I’d get better, but that also meant my weight wasn’t moving at all. I was still heavy, and I can’t wear anything I bought on my previous HK trip.

Being bummed, I’d thought I’d pamper myself first by going to the Nail Spa last Friday. I don’t know if I mentioned it before but I’ve got some wicked in-grown nail problem. The worst of it has been dealt with my previous pedicurista (pedicurist), a woman of considerable talent and skill. But she recently retired and I’ve not been able to contact her. Discovering Nail Spa after several tries from other salons was nothing short of a miracle.

And that miracle was topped with an icing of having one of the most wicked nail polish collection I’ve seen. I usually bring my own, but the last few visits has me trying some more of their higher end brand polish–nail polish is admittedly one of my biggest girly-girl guilty pleasure. Brands like Zoya, Butter and O.P.I’s Collection  series.

One such series of polish caught my eye was O.P.I.’s Euro Centrale collection. I had been curious regarding it, particularly “A Woman’s Prague-ative,” an orange-bronze shimmer type polish and “Oy-Another Polish Joke,” which is a gold glitter shimmer polish, both of which I just *knew* would be absolutely flattering for my morena skin tone. Thing is, it wasn’t for sale since it was part of a collection and most likely imported. However, I could have it done on my nails. My only problem is what color do I try first?

I'm no hand model so bear with me

I decided that I will have *both*!

I’ll admit the effect it gave was a lot nicer than expected. I had initially thought the Prague one would be a darker bronze, but it came out lighter..more like pumpkin. And Oy came out with a more subtle and less tacky gold than I would have expected. Once dry though, I noticed the Oy came out with a slight matte type finish compared to Prague, which isn’t noticeable until you run your fingers against it. Over all, I like the look so much I had it done on my toes as well! This is definitely will be on my must-buy list when we visit Hong Kong!

Speaking of Hong Kong, it’s unlikely I’ll be there to acquire clothing. My reasons for that would be is that a LOT of the fashion brands are already showing up here in Manila. So unless I find something unique and fitting my less than Asian ideal figure, shopping for clothes will be at the bottom list of priorities, topped by cosmetics or beauty products, followed by shoes.

That meant I needed to shop my clothes now before I leave for my trip. Due to my weight gain and the last few clothes I purchased were literally bought a year ago from Hong Kong during our honey moon, I needed clothes STAT. Shoes too were an issue, since my last shoes I bought that wasn’t the rain boots (or cheap ass flats from Payless which make my feet hurt after just one hour of walking) was before I even got married, during my pre-Cohen weight (after my diet, I lost a size and a half).

Uniqlo GoodiesThat brought the Husband and I to Uniqlo in Glorietta 5 yesterday, the closest Uniqlo store in my area. I was really lucky that we got there and there was a sale on selected items, from pants to wireless bras!

I bought three shirts, two of which were the tunic style shirts. I got one of Uniqlo’s latest shirts from House Industries in gray at Php 790. I followed it with Melange A-Line Short Sleeve tunic in Orange at Php 790 and a Karen Walker Short Sleeve shirt at a sale price of Php 590. All three were very flattering, and went well with some of my pre-existing leggings and the Denim Cropped Leggings pants which I also got at discount for Php 790 (original price at Php 990).

They also had wireless bras for sale and swiped two printed styles at Php 690 each (original price an easy Php 990). I can not say enough that these are a STEAL, given how light and soft the darn things were. Packed items like bras and underwear can’t be fitted, but they do have display items for you to try on to figure out what size suits you.

I topped off my Uniqlo shopping spree by buying a pair of cherry red hipster clear sunglasses. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of it last night. Given my ‘uggh’ attitude to anything hipster, what brought me to buy the darn thing was that it was (1) pretty and (2) reminded me of the glasses worn by Jeanne, my favorite character from Bayonetta.  The glasses cost Php 590, and was also the last glasses of it’s color on display.

The Husband didn’t go empty handed either, and bought a pair of jeans, regular fit, straight cut color jeans in Green. The nice part is that Uniqlo does offer alteration on jean lengths, and it’s free if the jeans cost Php 990 and above (you pay for Php 100 below the price and a little extra if you want special stitching). Since the husband’s jeans were at Php 990, we got the alteration for FREE and pick up was a measly 30-40 minutes waiting time. Perfect time to get a spot of lunch or a snack before picking it up.

Once done, we both headed to Sebago for some sensible and pretty foot wear. If there’s one thing I like about Sebago, is that it doesn’t mind getting wet and that means practicality considering I was living in a country where half the year it’s underwater.

Shopping 02I was able to procure two pairs, a pair of boat shoes called the Felucca Lace in blue/red/ivory at Php 3,600 and a pair of sandals called Somersworth Slide in red/dark brown at Php 3,000. Not bad considering I got two shoes for what I’d normally cost me one pair of Fitflops at Php 5,000 – 6,000 a pair.

I had the chance to wear the sandals that evening when we brought my bro-in-law for dinner at the Old Swiss Inn in Makati and it was very comfortable to use. The leather did not chafe my sensitive onion skin, and it’s actually comfortable enough to use it while driving as well.

The slides would also be positively wicked for my bohemian chic look I’ve been meaning on experimenting and the boat shoes would do well for all my casual jeans and capris look.

The husband was also hoping to score a pair from Sebago, but unfortunately the boat shoe style and color choice he wanted was not available in his size..and apparently was unavailable elsewhere (a quick phone call from their equally disappointed sales staff confirmed that it was unavailable in Greenbelt, and SM Megamall branch). The sales clerk offered to give us a call just in case there was a delivery that comes in.

Once the shoes were done, we were on to the last item on our shopping list, and that was getting those roll-up vacuum bags. Now this is important, especially if you ever end up visiting places who are very well known for shopping. Roll-up vacuum bags should be in every woman’s luggage bag. It’s made to lessen the space in your suit case so you could cram more stuff into it.

So we went to visit Lock and Lock store in Glorietta. Much to our luck, they were selling some Roll-up vacuum bags (sized 320 mm x 420 mm) for half the price! This was because during the last deluge (the one that turned most of our streets into angry raging rivers and put certain parts of the Metro underwater for days), their store room had sustained a leak and some of their items apparently got leaked on. Not destroyed but they got dirty.

The Lock and Lock Roll-up Vacuum bags were one such product. Mind you these bags normally cost Php 429.75 per pack of 3, but it was on discount for 50% so we grabbed two. We got lucky and found that they were clean and undamaged from the inside as only the outside packaging that looked really ratty.

Over all, it has been a wonderful weekend. I rarely get the chance to indulge on shopping lately due largely of a lot of a lot of adult responsibilities, but at least I really get to appreciate the times I have time and money to do so.

~ ♥ ~

All pictures were taken using the Husband’s Samsung Note 2. My camera was on loan so I had to use his.